Green Design Ideas for a New Home

I have been reading about green design ideas which I can use for my new place. I have been meaning to reduce my carbon footprint and I wanted to shift to a greener lifestyle whenever I can. I have given up my car and resorted to public transport. I have known a few people who take the bicycle to work. It saves on gas at the same time, it makes for good exercise. I might try that one.

At home, I have decided to have more natural light coming into the house so I do not need to turn the lights on in morning. I have also shifted to using biodegradable laundry and cleaning agents. And if I can help it, I try not order take-outs and eat in restaurants, instead. I also bring a reusable bag with me whenever I do my groceries. I feel that it is my responsibility to do my share to make this world a more habitable place. You could do your share too!

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